Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset is Out Now

The Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset is here.

The latest hardware release for the platform costs $500, including controllers, and features two 1400 x 1600 OLED displays capable of refresh rates up to 90Hz. It provides a 110° field of view, claimed to be “one of the widest available on the market” and two front-facing cameras providing inside-out tracking capabilities.

So far, the Odyssey is the only Windows Mixed Reality headset that allows users to adjust the distance of the lenses to find the perfect “sweet spot”, as well as being the only one to feature an integrated microphone and headphones. The device connects via a 13.1 metre cable and requires an HDMI and USB 3.0 connection.

Windows Mixed Reality headsets can currently only use software from the Windows store, with only a few apps available for the platform. SteamVR support is planned to roll out in December.