Samsung Galaxy S8 To Launch in March (Rumour!)

A well known, and sometimes accurate, commentator, Evleaks of VentureBeat has suggested that the Samsung S8 will be launched in New York on March 29th, and will ship on April 21st and will be available in 5.8″ and 6.2″ sizes, with 1440 x 2560 resolution (or that class). The displays will be flexible OLEDs with the ‘Edge’ concept. The units will also have single 12MP and 8MP cameras.

Separately, the Guardian has suggested that the phones will be connectable to a monitor using an HDMI dock, which Evleaks calls ‘Samsung DeX’. This will allow the phone, which has a Snapdragon 635 processor (or Samsung, depending on market) to be operated by a keyboard and mouse.

The leak suggests that the phones will cost around €100 more than last year’s models in Europe. Perhaps surprisingly, the phones are expected to have 3.5mm jacks, Evleaks says.

galaxys8 930x775These are said to be images of the Samsung phones. Image:Evan Blass Venturebeat