Magnetic 3D launches Glasses-Free 3D Out-of-Home Media Platform in NYC in partnership with Cross River Network

Magnetic 3D, the leader in glasses-free 3D solutions for the professional display market and experiential marketing announced today the launch of its immersive 3D Out-of-Home Media platform which does not require the use of 3D Glasses.

The platform, dubbed “Magnetic Networks”, for its unique ability to capture the attention of viewers and increase engagement, will debut at the New York Waterway Terminals in New York City & Port Imperial in Weehawken New Jersey. The system will be installed in partnership with Cross River Network (CRN) in Q1 2017 and will complement CRN’s existing “2D” Digital Signage network.

“Network operators in the Digital Out-of-Home space are always looking for unique ways to increase the attention and retention of their audience,” said Abhishek Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder of Cross River Network. “To do this we must keep up with consumer tastes for new experiences like 3D content, which previously wasn’t practical in the DOOH space, due to a need for 3D glasses.”

The award winning 3D technology uses an optical element on top of a flat panel display whereby, “The TV wears the glasses instead of the viewer™.” The 3D-capable media products will add to CRN’s existing 2D digital display advertising platform to provide brands with an immersive and experiential advertising option in Glasses-Free 3D that creates lasting impressions with affluent and tech-savvy consumers. The 3D network will include large format 3D displays ranging from 46” to 85” displays, and features unique media products such as “3D Charging Stations™” with embedded 3D displays on top. Download the media kit.

“Consumers worldwide are big fans of 3D,” said Tom Zerega, CEO and Founder of Magnetic 3D, “and they’ve been waiting for the promise of Glasses-Free 3D technology to arrive for a long time. We are thrilled to have partnered with CRN to introduce our immersive 3D Out-of-Home Media platform and bring our next-gen digital signage to nearly half a million commuters a month here in New York City.”

The Company’s glasses-free 3D technology has proven to be a highly effective marketing solution across several channels including trade shows, events, retail, point-of-sale, and experiential. Results of campaigns with various clients have seen brands achieve triple digit uplift in sales on featured items and text based opt-ins as high as 50:1 verse print or digital.

“What’s exciting about our platform is that its not just advertising,” said Don Mathison, EVP of Strategic Partnerships for Magnetic 3D, “consumers are mesmerized by the experience of 3D without glasses. They see our ads as a form of entertainment, not just another intrusion. Because of this they watch our ads 10x longer on average.”

”Our partners at the Waterway were enamored with the technology and excited about the idea of adding 3D digital signage at the terminals,” said Peter Romanoff, President and Co-Founder of Cross River Network, “It allowed us to upgrade our platform with emerging technology through a win-win partnership with Magnetic 3D, while also providing the NY Waterway passengers with a futuristic amenity that feels like something straight out of the movies.”

Sponsorship contracts and multiyear placements are available, but space is limited. Brands and agencies are encouraged to contact Magnetic 3D immediately to secure space. Deployment will be active in Q1, 2017.