Samsung Enhances Chip-Scale LED Package

Samsung has developed new LEDs with ‘Chip Scale Packaging’ (CSP) that are intended for lighting applications and use a new system that builds up TiO2 walls around the LED which helps ensure that light is extracted optimally to maximise efficiency and reduce crosstalk.

The revamped FEC LED packages is claimed to achieve the industry’s highest light efficacy levels. The mid-power CSP, LM101B, features an increased efficacy of 205 lm/W (65mA, CRI 80+, 5000K), which is the highest among 1W-class, mid-power CSP LEDs, Samsung said. The 3W-class LH181B provides the highest light efficacy in its class with 190lm/W (350mA, CRI 70+, 5000K) which represents a more than 10% enhancement over the previous version. The 5W-class LH231B package continues to offer 170lm/W (700mA, CRI 70+, 5000K), the industry’s highest efficacy for the 5W class.

Analyst Comment

We think that although CSP is currently just in lighting, it has obvious applications in display as the ability to package the LED without going to another supplier will be really helpful in getting the miniLED and microLED industries to develop. It’s a while since we covered CSP, but there was some background in a previous DD column. (CSP LEDs Are the Next Step in Development) (BR)