Samsung Develops Sensitive X-Ray Detector Material

Samsung has developed a new X-Ray detector material that is said to be 20 times more sensitive than existing detectors and is based on perovskite material as well as being cheaper than existing materials. The company expects to be able to to make whole body detectors that can scan the whole body in one process.

InTaek Han, Vice President of SAIT, said:

“In order to apply perovskite onto X-ray photons, which are highly penetrable, the material must be 1,000 times thicker than that of a solar cell, while being able to retain electric signals for a sufficiently long enough time converted from X-ray. The new method of synthesis developed from the research is a key breakthrough for the field.”

Analyst Comment

You might think that the HDR displays would be popular for radiography, but there has been a limit on the precision of the detectors, which limits the bit depth of the data coming from, for example, mammography sensors. If the sensors could be improved, leading to more or better data, the demands on displays will go up.