Sahara Pushing to Keep Up with Demand

Sahara was at the show with its CleverTouch IMDs which have been so successful in the UK market. There are new bezels and upgrades to the core systems to allow the latest Android version to be operated. We asked if the company had found the market tough recently, but we heard that it has had to use airfreight to keep up with demand for the products several times over recent months! Although there has been some movement towards UltraHD, the market remains very price sensitive and is still strongly dominated by FullHD. The company recently introduced a 75″ option but it is “early days” for that size.

We noted that the tablets that we saw at last year’s BETT were not on show. Were they still in the range, we asked? It seems that the market proved just too competitive to stand any chance of making money. Sahara had originally introduced the tablets as a defensive move to ensure that it could “tick the box” on tenders, but had decided that even that level of commitment was too much!