Rumour: SDC to Unveil ‘New UltraHD Technology’

According to Korea’s Digital Daily, Samsung Display has developed a new UltraHD panel technology, based on an RGBW sub-pixel architecture.

Known as ‘Green 2’, the technology will enter mass-production in 2016. It will be used in high-end 55″ and 65″ TVs, says Digital Daily. SDC’s existing technology (‘Green 1’) will continue to be used on smaller models, such as 40″ and 48″ units. This is because costs are lower, due to a simplified production process that does not use photoresists for the white sub-pixels.

Analyst Comment

RGBW is a big topic – we report on LG Display’s demos at IFA in our report. There are good arguments for it, but we are talking to those who have good evidence against it. We will have a special article on this topic soon. (BR)