Rumour: Samsung Ready to Abandon OLED

Reports from Korean media claim that Samsung Display is considering dropping OLED TV plans entirely. Instead, the company’s focus will be on commercialising quantum dot LED (QLED) TVs by 2020.

The source says that Samsung Electronics’ outlook for OLED technology is ‘conservative’ over the next few years. QLED is thought to be a better contender for the TV market.

Analyst Comment

Samsung Electronics has already developed TVs with quantum dots (which it calls nanocrystals); these were shown off at CES this year under the name ‘SUHD’ (No More Plasma for Samsung, But LED is New Category). The Korea Times claims that Samsung is getting its QD materials from a Korean supplier, Hansol Chemical. Samsung Display said a short while ago that it didn’t want to make OLED TV panels (Samsung Denies OLED Rumours, Considers G10) (BR)

OLED-Info writes that ‘QLED’ refers not to QD-LCD TVs, but to a TV in which the QDs are themselves self-emissive. A 4” prototype was developed in 2011, but this is the first news since that point. (TA)