Roku Plans To Raise Funds Through IPO

Streaming company Roku is planning to raise $100 million with an IPO.At the end of June it had 15.1 million active accounts and its users streamed over 6.7 billion hours in the first half of the year, up 62% YoY. Its first half turnover was $199.7 million, up 23% YoY from $162.3 million. Despite a 25% rise in annual revenue to $398.6 million, the company made a loss of $42.8 million. However, Roku is seeing rapid growth and expects streaming to transform future content provision.

Analyst Comment

As regular readers will know, I’m quite a fan of the Roku approach and the company still has a chance to further develop the use of its systems in TVs. I see that as a better long term prospect than making dongles. (BR)