Quantum Materials Corp Unveils Industry’s First 100% Cadmium-Free 55 Inch Quantum Dot LCD Display with 95% Rec. 2020 Performance

Leading American cadmium-free quantum dot and nanomaterials manufacturer Quantum Materials Corp, (OTCQB: QTMM) announced that it has produced and is demonstrating to select customers a 100% cadmium-free 55 inch QDX™ quantum dot display technology that achieves an industry-leading 95% Rec. 2020 color gamut coverage.

This superior level of performance is achieved by utilizing the Company’s proprietary quantum dot enhanced film while eliminating the costly barrier film previously necessary for QD-based display designs.

Quantum Material’s QDX™ dots have been engineered to provide long-term reliability without expensive and thick barrier films traditionally used in display applications to protect quantum dots from degradation due to exposure to moisture and oxygen which can materially compromise their performance. Quantum Materials Corp (QMC) is presently working with display manufacturers, film manufacturers and chemical companies to bring this next-generation technology to market as a superior and lower cost QD-based display solution. In addition, incorporating QDX quantum dot infused films into LCD displays can materially increase color gamut levels over the current standard of phosphor driven technology and significantly improve overall viewer experience.

One of the most efficient ways to achieve a wide color gamut LCD display is with narrow-band red and green quantum dots deposited directly on an optical film. This film is then backlit using blue phosphor LEDs. Unfortunately, producing very narrow color emission materials that are both cadmium-free and possess high stability characteristics has to date been a major stumbling block in the development of low-cost, cadmium-free quantum dot enhanced display technology.

To break this impasse, QMC has developed cadmium-free red & green quantum dots with extremely narrow FWHM (full width half max) of 16 & 34 nanometers respectively. QMC produces these infinitesimally small semiconductors with precise emission wavelengths that possess uncharacteristically high stability. In addition to materially widening the color gamut rendering capability of LCD based displays, QMC’s new low-cost cadmium free quantum dot film solution will likely improve both viewing angles and overall display brightness levels by eliminating additional film layers thereby allowing more light to reach the display viewing surface.

Quantum Materials Corp CEO Stephen B. Squires stated that “We are extremely excited to announce this level of QD performance in a totally cadmium-free display product. We have received very encouraging indications of interest from OEM electronics manufacturers that are looking to increase the color rendering capabilities of their displays without adding cadmium and upon reaching this milestone, we believe we are now in a position to partner to commercialize this technology in order to get our QD materials into consumer displays. With the advent of this low cost, high performance offering, we believe we can materially disrupt the industry and create a market condition wherein QD enhanced technology can become a de-facto standard in consumer displays.”

Squires concluded that “Our proprietary continuous flow process for manufacturing these hard to produce nanomaterials has afforded us the luxury of rapid discovery and optimization of their performance properties. It is one thing to produce quantum dots with extraordinary optical performance. It is quite another to be able to do so consistently in large volumes with absolute repeatability, as we are now.”

In addition to QMC’s film based solution for maximizing color gamut in LCD displays, the Company is continuing to optimize it’s direct phosphor design variant which places the quantum dot materials directly on to the surface of the LED, further improving color rendering performance and lowering cost. The Company expects to be in a position to announce a working display with this variant of QD design in the near future, giving display OEM’s an additional low cost avenue for increasing color gamut without the use of cadmium.


Quantum Materials Corp (QMC) develops and manufactures quantum dots and nanomaterials for use in display, solar energy and lighting applications through its proprietary high-volume continuous-flow production process. QMC’s volume manufacturing methods enable consistent quality and scalable cost reductions to provide the foundation for technologically superior, energy efficient and environmentally sound displays, the next generation of solid-state lighting and solar photovoltaic power applications. Wholly-owned subsidiary Solterra Renewable Technologies develops sustainable quantum dot solar technology.