Qualcomm Leaves AR Market With Vuforia Sale


Software specialist PTC (formerly Parametric Technology Corporation) is to acquire the Vuforia augmented reality business from Qualcomm Connected Experiences (a subsidiary of Qualcomm). The deal is worth $65 million.

Vuforia is a platform and SDK, which enables apps to ‘see’ and connect to the physical world. It has been used by developers to power more than 20,000 apps over the last five years.

PTC will be able to combine Vuforia with its own IoT and analytics platforms. CEO Jim Heppelmann said, “Because of what IoT is enabling, more and more products are now a mixture of digital and part physical content. So, naturally, the ways in which we interact with these products will evolve toward a mixed-reality model that blends physical and digital interactions”.

Analyst Comment

We reported on the developments in Vuforia in June: Qualcomm Sets Out Vuforia Use. Given the hype on A/R and V/R, a sale by Qualcomm is slightly surprising, but then it may be seen as a distraction from its core business. The company is reported to be working on chips intended for datacentres, where it will go head to head with Intel. Removing distractions might be a good idea! (BR)