Qualcomm Fingerprint Technology Works Through Display

Qualcomm has developed new ultrasonic fingerprint detectors that add to the features of the previous version, the firm said. There are sensors for displays, glass and metal as well as the detection of directional gestures and underwater fingerprint matching. The firm said that the detector is the first commercially announced integrated ultrasonic-based mobile solution to detect heart beat and blood flow.

The sensor is able to detect fingerprints through a 1200μm OLED display stack. They can also scan through 800μm of cover glass and up to 650μm of aluminium, up from 400μm of each in the previous generation. The chips can be use as standalone sensors or as part of integrated solutions.

The chip is due to be available for evaluation in Q4 2017.

Analyst Comment

Qualcomm showed a sample of this chip at Mobile World, Shanghai. Reports suggest it’s a bit slower than existing solutions when under a display, but that seems a small price to pay. Engadget got a demo from Vivo and has a video online. (BR)