QMC Breaks Stokes-Shift Barrier for Brighter Displays

The ‘Stokes-shift’ is the difference between a quantum dot’s (QD) peak excitation and peak emission wavelengths. Minimising the overlap between these bands enhances the clarity and brightness of a fluorescing QD, by avoiding re-absorption of emitted light into nearby QDs.

Until now, says Quantum Materials Corp, it has not been possible to produce a Stokes-shift in QDs up to 20nm – at least, not in sufficient quantities for manufacturing applications. However, the company claims to have broken the Stokes-shift barrier and is able to produce ‘strong-shift’ QDs with consistent characteristics in high volumes.

QMC says that its continuous-flow production process enables automated synthesis with the uniformity necessary for achieving precise characteristics for high-volume production of highly-driven strong-shift QDs.