QDs, Nanowires, OLEDs and More at SID 2015

SID Display Week Logo

SID 2015 is taking place from 31st May – 5th June in San Jose, California. Display Monitor has a significant presence on the ground at the show (please say hi!), and here we are highlighting some of the companies that will be at the event.

Keith Wiggins and Nigel Pickett – COO and CTO of Nanoco, respectively – will present as speakers at the event. Wiggins will address the Investor’s Conference on 2nd June at 10:30 in a session titled, ‘Quantum Dots: From the Lab to Commercial Success’. Pickett will discuss the advantages of Nanoco’s cadmium-free QDs in ‘Heavy Metal-Free Quantum Dots for Display Applications’, on 2nd June at 14:00.

Automated visual inspection solutions will be shown by Radiant Vision Systems. The company’s stand (#834) will feature live applications for quality verification and defect detection in products ranging from smartphones to TVs.

“With display devices trending toward larger screen sizes and higher resolutions, plus the use of high quality displays for virtual reality devices and wearables, there is an increasing need for quality inspection. Even a subtle imperfection can make the difference between a great customer experience and a returned product”, said RVS’ VP of sales and marketing, Hubert Kostal.

A low-cost system for producing patterned transparent conductors, for displays and touch sensor applications, will be presented by SouthWest Nanotechnologies (SWeNT) (stand #543). SWeNT manufactures carbon nanotube (CNT) materials, but its new solution – AgeNT – also utilises unpatterned silver nanowires, coated onto clear plastic film.

To create patterned transparent conductors, CNT ink is printed on top of the nanowires. Unwanted silver is ‘erased’ with a wet-wiping device. The resulting conductors are a hybrid, with ‘compelling’ optoelectronic properties. Sheet resistance of 50 Ohms/sq. at 95% visible light transmittance (excluding substrate) has been demonstrated. The solution utilises the low sheet resistance and high light transmittance of silver nanowires, and low-cost patterning of CNTs.

No harsh chemicals are used in the process. SWeNT also expects that the removed silver can be recycled for later use.

Universal Display Corporation (stand #920) will showcase various prototypes and concept devices, to highlight the benefits of its OLED technology and Universal PHOLED materials. In addition to its stand presence, UDC’s CFO, Sidney Rosenblatt, will take part in a summit titled ‘The OLED Revolution is Now’ on 2nd June at 16:00.