Promethean Introduces Next Generation of Its ActivWall™ System

Global education technology solutions leader Promethean today announces the launch of the next generation of its ActivWall System at the 2016 TCEA Convention and Exposition. Advanced surface technology for the Modern Classroom, the widescreen surface of the new ActivWall product line is designed as a comprehensive collaborative learning solution, offering multi-touch interactivity, HD viewing and dry-erase writing.

Directly from the home screen, teachers can browse the web, start a white-boarding session and wirelessly connect to mirror their devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops to the surface.

“The ActivWall System presents a theatre-like viewing experience in the classroom,” said Vincent Young, Chief Marketing Officer for Promethean. “This new product line transforms the traditional classroom display into a captivating viewing experience with best-in-class picture performance and full HD resolution. Students are accustomed to this level of technology in their daily lives, and achieving the same level of engagement in the classroom with technology involves meeting students where they are.”

This state-of-the-art classroom technology system includes a widescreen interactive surface, a DLP solid-state projector, built-in speakers, interactive software and a wireless mirroring system. It features Promethean’s LaserView™ Technology, a leading advancement in projection technology. LaserView Technology delivers beautiful illumination and color, a near instant power on and off, auto-calibration and a 20,000-hour light source with no lamp replacement.

Designed as an all-in-one-solution for team-based collaboration, Promethean’s unique Surface-Segmentation Technology enables teachers to divide the ActivWall into independent learning spaces where students can work individually or in small groups to solve problems, explore solutions and learn in a technology-rich environment.

With the ActivWall System, creativity and critical thinking in the classroom happen without delay. Teachers and students can launch an instant whiteboard session to write and draw freely for brainstorming, instruction and sharing ideas without connecting a computer. The spacious multi-user surface makes any lesson interactive by supporting 20 touch points and four digital pens. A built-in web browser allows students to quickly search for information and share webpage images with live links and notes. After the session, the system captures all annotations, slides and notes to send to each student and the teacher.Assessing student understanding also becomes a natural part of the lesson and the learning process with the ActivWall System. Teachers can create and send instant polls and questions to students, who respond using any connected mobile device.

Harnessing the power of mobile technology in the classroom, the ActivWall System includes a wireless classroom connectivity solution that further enables:

  • Wireless connecting of Windows®, OS X®, iOS® or Android™ devices using the streaming feature built into the device. The ActivWall System eliminates the need for additional software or apps to connect students.
  • Mirroring and viewing content from mobile devices to share digital learning resources, including apps, games, documents and web pages, from smartphones, tablets and laptops to the ActivWall for whole-class viewing and interaction. Mirror multiple devices at the same time.
  • Teachers to move freely throughout the classroom to observe and intervene with individual students and work teams while mirroring lesson content using their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The ActivWall System is available in 135” ultra-widescreen and 102” widescreen displays.

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