Prelonic’s Digital Display is Printed on Paper

Germany’s Prelonic has devised a top-indicative electrochromic (EC) display, which can be printed on paper or cardboard.

A bottom-indicative display appears behind the substrate – they have previously been developed on transparent materials like glass. However, to use cheaper materials, Prelonic worked on a top-indicative unit which is printed on top of the ‘substrate’. Because no additional substrate, such as flexible plastic, or assembly is required for Prelonic’s EC display, manufacturing costs are very low.

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Jargon definition:

Electrochromism is a form of chromism. Chromic materials change their state when they are placed in a different environment: for electrochromic displays, this happens when they are exposed to an electrical charge. Glasses that darken in the sunlight use the same principle, although they react to light rather than electricity.