Portrait Displays and SmallHD Partner to Introduce Calman Ready Reference Monitors

Caiman ready displays

Portrait Displays has joined forces with SmallHD, a prominent manufacturer of on-set monitors, to introduce the industry’s first Calman Ready reference monitors.

Source: Portrait Displays

The Calman Ready family of displays from SmallHD possesses the unique capability to directly communicate with Portrait Displays’ Calman color calibration software. This seamless connection empowers professionals to achieve quick and precise calibration by leveraging the advanced capabilities of Calman. By significantly reducing calibration time, Calman Ready displays deliver accurate results with unparalleled efficiency. This collaboration between Portrait Displays and SmallHD has resulted in the development of the first Calman Ready monitor family tailored specifically for the cinemarket.

With Calman’s color accuracy available at every stage of the production chain, starting from on-set monitors used by directors, cinematographers, and DITs, technicians responsible for calibrating reference displays in the color grading bay can now achieve consistent color accuracy throughout the entire production process. SmallHD’s PageOS 5 operating system seamlessly integrates with Calman, allowing calibration to be scaled across various modes. A single calibration can derive both SDR and HDR modes, eliminating the need for separate calibrations and ensuring consistent color accuracy across different viewing scenarios. Calman offers compatibility with a wide range of calibration tools, including the affordable Portrait Displays C6 HDR2000 colorimeter, providing professionals with flexibility in their calibration hardware choices. The latest release of Calman 2023 (v 5.14.2) also includes usability updates.