Kramer and Furuno Collaborate to Bring Streaming to Fishing Vessel’s Control and Navigation System

Kramer, an audio-visual experience company, has partnered with Furuno, a marine electronics company, to deliver advanced AVoIP (audio-video over IP) streaming and control solutions for the Carmona fishing vessel. The collaboration resulted in the creation of the Furuno Smart Bridge, a state-of-the-art control and 4K video navigation system designed to ensure smooth fishing operations and seamless communication on board.

Source: Kramer

The Carmona, a 50-meter fishing vessel operating in busy waterways, required a cutting-edge navigation system that could provide real-time data and high-quality video from various sources. Safety and visibility were paramount, as the vessel sailed through challenging waters, including the North Sea and Baltic Sea. The Smart Bridge fulfilled these requirements, enabling the captain and crew to access and view vital information from radars, chart plotters, sonars, CCTV camera systems, and more.

Users can access the system through touchscreen panels, monitors on the video wall, or remotely via tablets or smartphones. Additionally, service technicians can use the system for onboard troubleshooting. Multiple users can now work on the same system simultaneously, providing clear visibility from different screens across the vessel. Kramer’s KDS AVoIP encoders and decoders enable the distribution of 4K video with minimal latency throughout the ship’s internal TV network. The crew can monitor crucial data on monitors throughout the vessel, with pre-defined layouts on the videowall facilitating activities such as fishing, navigation, and docking.