Portrait Displays and Hisense Announce Global Calibration Partnership

Portrait Displays has announced a worldwide partnership with TV manufacturer Hisense. Using advanced calibration technology previously reserved for high-end professional hardware, the partnership introduces 1D/3D LUT calibrations for both SDR and HDR via Calman AutoCal, part of the Calman Ready brand. This technology supports a wide range of Hisense TV models, including those running Android TV in North America and VIDAA OS in Europe, covering most 2023 and 2024 Mini-LED and OLED premium TV models.

The latest release, Calman 5.15.4, now supports Calman’s autonomous calibration methodology across all professional license levels, with plans to extend consumer license level support in the coming months.

Calman is a comprehensive software suite developed by Portrait Displays, widely recognized for its advanced capabilities in display calibration. It offers a range of tools and features designed to ensure accurate color reproduction and optimal picture quality across various display devices, including televisions, monitors, and projectors. One of its standout features is AutoCal, which allows for automated calibration of compatible displays, simplifying the calibration process and making it more accessible. Calman supports multiple display types such as OLED, LED, LCD, and projectors, catering to diverse calibration needs. It is available in different versions tailored to professional calibrators, home theater enthusiasts, and general consumers, each offering varying levels of functionality and automation.

The software also supports the creation and application of 1D and 3D Look-Up Tables (LUTs) for precise calibration, essential for fine-tuning color accuracy and consistency across different content and viewing conditions. Calman integrates seamlessly with a wide range of calibration hardware, including colorimeters and spectrophotometers, to measure and adjust display settings accurately. The Calman Ready branding initiative identifies displays and devices compatible with its automated calibration features, with manufacturers like Hisense, LG, and Samsung offering such compatible models. Additionally, Calman supports a Calibration as a Service (CaaS) model, enabling retailers and service providers to offer professional calibration services to consumers, ensuring their displays are calibrated for optimal performance.