PMA Research Tracking Reveals Best-Selling Projectors in May

PMA Research, the worldwide market information experts on front projectors, has posted their most recent Projector Tracking Service results to the “Top-Selling Projectors” area of their website.

For more than 25 years now, PMA Research has collected monthly sell-through data from leading U.S. projector dealers, retailers, web resellers, and distributors. Their Tracking Service family of monthly reports offers timely data and analysis on unit sales, true volume-weighted street prices, and inventories of front projectors for these channels.

Each month, PMA Research posts their “Top 5” Projector Lists for the following categories:

+ 5,000 Lumen Laser Projectors

This “Top 5? list is compiled from PMA’s monthly Pro AV Projector Tracking Service panel, which is made up of Pro AV dealers and systems integrators. In the Laser-Phosphor projector segment, the May results showed Sony in the number one spot with their VPL-PHZ10. Panasonic had a pair of projectors make this “Top 5” list with the PT-RZ570 W/B and the PT-VMZ50 coming in second and fourth, respectively. Epson rounded out this May “Top 5” list with a pair of projectors as well. Their PowerLite L500W took the third spot, and their PowerLite L610U came in fifth.

Mainstream Professional Projectors

This “Top 5? list is compiled from PMA’s monthly Distributor Projector Tracking Service panel, which is made up of IT, Pro AV, and CEDIA distributors. Among Mainstream professional projectors (between 1,000 and 4,999 lumens), Epson swept the “Top 5” list in May. Four PowerLite models – the 109W, X39, 108 and 107 — came in first, third, fourth and fifth, respectively. Epson’s BrightLink 685Wi finished Epson’s sweep in the number two spot.

4K UHD Home Entertainment Projectors

This “Top 5? list is compiled from PMA’s monthly Retail Projector Tracking Service panel, which is made up of U.S. retailers, web resellers, and custom installers. For 4K UHD home entertainment projector sales, ViewSonic took top honors in May with the best-selling PX747-4K. A pair of Optoma models took the number two and number five spots, respectively, with the UHD50 and UHD60 projectors. BenQ rounded out this May list with the TK800M and the HT3550 coming in third and fourth, respectively.

Resellers, distributors, manufacturers, and the press are invited to visit PMA’s site each month at to see the 5 Top Selling projectors for these channels, as well as new product blogs and information on PMA Research’s projector market research offerings.

About PMA Research

PMA Research (PMA) specializes in worldwide market information for the projector industry, including detailed and comprehensive coverage of High-End Projectors, Mainstream Projectors, and Pico Projectors. With a series of quarterly projector shipment and forecast reports along with monthly sales tracking, PMA publishes data-driven insights for projector manufacturers, component suppliers, accessory companies, and channel partners.

Expanded coverage of the display industry includes market information on U.S. Professional Large-Format Flat Panel Displays. PMA’s Flat Panel Tracking Reports offer timely sell-through data and analysis on unit sales, revenues, and true volume-weighted street prices of Professional Large-Format Flat Panel Displays sold by leading U.S. dealers, systems integrators, and distributors.

PMA Research was formerly Pacific Media Associates, which was established by Dr. William Coggshall. Dr. Coggshall was a co-founder of Dataquest (now part of Gartner) and helped start the syndicated high-tech market information business. PMA Research has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company’s US headquarters is located at 25852 Avenida Cabrillo, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. Phone: +1 (949) 493-4601.