PMA Report Shows Year-on-Year Growth for US Large-Format Displays

PMA Research has published its latest set of sell-through tracking reports on large-format (32″ and larger) flat panel displays being sold by US AV and IT distributors who serve commercial markets.

The report showed continued growth in the sales of professional models, with volumes and revenues both up on a year-on-year basis. This growth is attributed to strong sales of flat panels with specific attributes. These include flat panel displays using system-on-chip (SoC) technology, models rated for 24/7 use, interactive and touch-enabled flat panels, Ultra HD displays and large-format models sized 65″ and above.

Nearly 30% of the professional models sold in July came standard with SoC technology. Volume in this segment has more than doubled from a year ago. In addition, sales volume of professional models rated for 24/7 usage was also up substantially compared to July last year.

Unit volume for touch-enabled models was up by double-digits from a year ago July. Sharp and ViewSonic were the top-selling brands in the interactive category and 75″ was the top-selling interactive screen size in July. Professional models with screen sizes 65″ and larger were up 9% from July 2017.

Nearly a quarter of the non-interactive professional display models sold in July featured UHD resolution. The price premium for this feature versus Full HD has largely faded out over the course of the last year.