Pixelligent Receives a Further $2.15 million in Grants

Pixelligent Technologies has announced that it has been awarded $2.15 million in grants from the US Department of Energy SBIR and Department of Defense STTR programs. The grants will be used to accelerate and further develop applications leveraging Pixelligent’s core PixClear nanocomposite technology. from the DoE will be used to develop further OLED lighting applications. Pixelligent has now had funding totalling over $36 million.

The DoD STTR Phase II grant will support Pixelligent’s continued collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania and Argonne National Laboratory to further the development of PixClear.

In August 2016 Pixelligent raised $10.4 million which was used to install additional manufacturing capacity, open new offices in Asia, and continue its research and development into materials for lighting, display and optical applications. Pixelligent has been awarded several OLED projects by the US DoE and is collaborating with OLEDWorks and the ORNL.

Pixelligent has been researching light extraction materials for OLED lighting panels for a long time, and in August 2015 the company officially launched its PixClear family of light extraction materials for OLED lighting panels.

Analyst Comment

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