Samsung Inaugurates LED Cinema Displays

Samsung Cinema LED Screen1 e1499893909333Click for high resolutionFollowing the release of the concept at Cinemacon (Samsung Surprises with LED at Cinemacon), Samsung has now said that it has installed the first ever commercial Cinema LED Screen at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul. The display is 10.3m (33.8′) wide and has 4096 x 2160 resolution with peak brightness of 146 fL (500 cd/m² and 10 times the standard recommended level for digital cinema) to support HDR. The installation also includes audio from JBL by Harman (also a Samsung company, now).

Analyst Comment

One of our correspondents was in Korea, but I think he had left before this announcement, sadly!

The specification is the same as that referred to in our report from Cinemacon which makes the pixel pitch 2.5mm. By our calculations, that is currently the ‘sweet spot’ for small pitch LEDs and is the size with the lowest cost per pixel. Pitches above or below are more expensive. Samsung also talked about an 8K version, which, of course, would be four times as big. (BR)

Samsung Cinema LED Screen