Pixel Artworks Paints a Rainbow of Hope above Greenwich

Pixel Artworks, the award-winning specialists in light and pixel technology, lit up the skies above London’s Greenwich with the colours of the rainbow as it harnessed cutting-edge creative technology to fly London’s very first drone light show above a regal residency. Additionally, the trailblazing company now holds exclusive permissions to hold further drone displays over additional iconic venues across the capital.

Captured as part of an internal R&D project using experimental photography and video light painting that blend long exposure and real-time elements, Pixel Artworks initiated the simultaneous take-off of four UAVs (drones) flying exactly on the Greenwich Prime Meridian of 0° longitude. The resulting rainbow produced over the Queen’s House in Greenwich, London, not only pushed the boundaries of what can currently be produced with drone light shows, it was designed to send a message of positivity across London in the wake of the continuing pandemic.

Pixel Artworks is a licensed organisation for the piloting of drones in the UK and has developed a unique workflow and creative tools to produce spectacular shows through autonomous flight using purpose-built control software. This allowed the creative team to program and synchronise the maiden flight over Greenwich where the drones fly in perfect synchronisation and positioning to each other and the surrounding light show.

Pixel Artworks has obtained exclusive permissions for drone flying across iconic London venues which could see the young, dynamic company producing more exciting displays in the future, producing a genuinely spectacular, innovative, and environmentally friendly alternative to costly firework displays.

“It is simply fantastic to see and experience this newly created workflow for flying drones, which emphasises the creative possibilities of the aircraft,” commented drone pilot and Production Manager, Trevor Nichol. “Using this new system will allow us to paint vivid pictures above the cityscape using whole new tools on a completely unique canvas.”

The new workflow pioneered by the company allows it to create spectacular drone light shows faster than ever before, with the company already up to programming 10x 5-minute shows in the space of a week.

“We are now in a position to really push the envelope and bring exciting, unique drone displays to some of London’s most iconic venues,” comments Creative Director, Riaz Farooq. “Our new software allows displays to be created by artists first and foremost rather than technicians, freeing creatives to genuinely paint pictures in the sky above our heads. The results for Londoners are going to be spectacular.”

About Pixel Artworks

Pixel Artworks is the leading specialist in light and pixel technology, designing and delivering immersive experiences globally across media campaigns, events and installations. They work with the world’s most prestigious brands, businesses and venues to produce brand impact, powerful storytelling and technical innovation. The company’s uniquely integrated creative, technical and production teams makes it the recognised leader in its field.