Philips Light Signalling Used in Media Markt in Eindhoven

By Bob Raikes

Philips Lighting said that it is installing an LED lighting system that can provide location information to Media Markt in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The system will run using software from Aisle411 of the US that will help customers find products in store. The lights transmit data to the user’s phone and no data is transmitted back and, of course, it can also be used to help staff find their way around the store. This is helpful for order picking and inventory re-stocking.

More information from Philips is available in a white paper, here.

Philips Lighting Indoorpositioning MediaMarkt Guided to machinesPhilips Lighting is working with Media Markt in the Netherlands on Light-based positioning. Image:Philips Lighting

Analyst Comment

The concept of transmitting data using lighting (sometimes called Li-Fi) is an interesting one. Some years ago, Samsung showed at a trade show a demonstration of a modulated backlight for transmitting data and Panasonic is promoting its version, using the LinkRay brand although in a relatively low key way. (LinkRay is not to be confused with Rock & Roll Guitarist & legend, Link Wray, famous for the Rumble and influencing the Who, among others!) (Projectors, Signage and LinkRay at Panasonic) (BR)