Peraso Releases WiGig® Chipset to Production

Peraso Technologies Inc. ( announced today the immediate production availability of its W110 WiGig® chipset.

The Peraso W110 chipset is targeted for WiGig® applications and includes the PRS1125 direct conversion 60 GHz RFIC and the PRS4001 baseband IC to implement the necessary functionality in the next generation IEEE 802.11ad standard for Wi-Fi networks. Incorporating a USB 3.0 system interface, the W110 chipset is ideally suited for adapters and peripherals which are expected to play a vital role as the WiGig® ecosystem continues to develop in 2016.

“Production of our WiGig® chipset marks a major milestone in the advancement of the WiGig® ecosystem,” says Ron Glibbery, President and CEO of Peraso Technologies. “Now WiGig® can be rapidly deployed in a variety of legacy USB 3.0 enabled devices and into new applications such as high speed networking and wireless storage.”

From living room to conference room, WiGig® technology offers wireless networking at wired speeds, the convenience of fast file transfer, and the smooth streaming of high bandwidth, low latency 4k video to a wireless display.

“The market for WiGig® is set for major growth in 2016 with multiple product introductions from Intel and Qualcomm in notebooks, tablets, access points and smart phones,” says Philip Solis, Research Director at ABI Research. “Adapter and peripheral products are essential to enable legacy devices and fuel the WiGig® ecosystem. Peraso is well positioned to benefit from these opportunities.”

Peraso will be demonstrating the W110 chipset and several WiGig® 802.11ad applications at CES, and will highlight the benefits in a variety of wireless scenarios including:

  • Wireless Networking – WiGig® provides networking capabilities along the lines of a traditional Wi-Fi network. An external WiGig® USB adaptor based on the W110 chipset may be used with existing dual-band notebooks and tablets to rapidly deploy and provide the benefits of a full tri-band solution compatible with tri-band access points.
  • Wireless Storage – With higher throughputs, lower power consumption with interference-free connections, WiGig® delivers wire-speed file transfers between wireless storage and mobile devices. The W110 chipset is ideal for integration into both the wireless storage device and the external WiGig® USB adapter.
  • Wireless Display – WiGig® is an ideal wireless technology for the extremely high bandwidth demands of 4k screens. The low latency aspect of WiGig® is critical for interactive applications such as gaming, VoIP, and simple I/O functions such as mouse and keyboard. The W110 chipset provides the core WiGig® communication protocol required in these demanding wireless applications.

To arrange a private appointment to see Peraso products at the Westgate Hotel, CES 2016 please contact [email protected] or [email protected]. Further information on the Peraso W110 chipset may be found at: