Pay-TV Sees Rise in Portugal

There was a 27,000 rise in the number of Portuguese pay-TV subscribers in Q2, up 0.7% QoQ, resulting in a total of 3.72 million (up 3.5% YoY), according to regulator Anacom, which attributed the change to the 28.3% YoY increase (62,000) in fibre broadband users.

FTTH is now the second most popular TV access method after cable. NOS had 43.3% of the market, followed by Meo (38.3%), Vodafone (13.5%) and Nowo (4.7%). 76.1% of pay-TV homes had access to more than 100 channels, up 7.1% YoY, but only 14.3% took premium channels, down 3.8%. Anacom says that 4.8% of people over 10 years of age have a subscription to a streaming service.