Passengers to Barcelona-El Prat Airport are Now Greeted by a BrightSign-powered Virtual Assistant

BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage media players, today announced that its HD1023 player has been used at the busy Barcelona-El Prat Airport to power a Virtual Assistant that provides useful information to passengers.

Using the latest technology, an optical illusion of a real person has been created at the security gates to make the process smoother and help to improve the overall passenger experience.

The virtual assistant can be found at the security filters of Terminals T1 and T2B, informing passengers of the necessary steps to access and pass through the security checkpoint ahead. Detailed information, given by the assistant, ensures passengers arrive at the checkpoint with all their belongings ready for inspection. Security messages are given by the virtual assistant in five languages: Catalán, Castilian Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese.

The new initiative is part of the Barcelona-El Prat Airport Quality Plan, the aim of which is to provide top-quality services to passengers, all year round, paying special attention to security, signage and comfort. The new virtual assistant demonstrates the firm intention of Aena to incorporate the latest technologies into the management of its installations and in its service delivery.

Part of BrightSign’s innovative Series 3 product line, the HD1023 is an expanded I/O player ideal for mainstream Full HD and HTML5 applications that require high reliability and ease of use; both crucial in airport security. It offers H.265 decoding, hardware-accelerated HTML5 engine and 1080p60 video decode, along with BrightSign’s highly reliable media-handling platform and signature ease of use. All Series 3 HD models support Gigabit Ethernet, as well as robust interactive controls and dynamic live content features.

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