Panasonic Projectors Get 7 Years in Prison

Panasonic has posted a video (below) about an installation of its projectors at the Faengslet prison museum in Horsens, Denmark. After closing as an active prison ten years ago, the site has been restored as a museum and has been animated with 56 Panasonic Projectors, 45 of which are PT-RW330EJ ‘Solid Shine’ laser phosphor projectors. They were chosen partly because of the anticipated life of seven years.

“We wanted to create exhibits that weren’t intrusive, so that it’s not obvious to visitors where the content is coming from,” said Mads Havemann, Exhibition Designer, Kvorning Design & Communication. “To achieve this it was important that we could mount the projectors discreetly. The Panasonic Laser/LED projectors have coped with any mounting position we chose and, because they emit little heat and are virtually silent, they have helped maintain the atmosphere, even in confined spaces such as the cells.”

The exhibitions were designed by Kvorning Design & Communication and integrated by AV-Huset.