Over a Third of Video Subscribers Say UHD Affects Service Choice

IHS Markit, as reported by Broadband TV News, recently surveyed video subscribers across five markets (Brazil, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US) to find out how Ultra HD impacts their choice of video service.

Of those surveyed, 36% said that UHD content would affect their choice of video platform, both free or paid-for. The most interested respondents fell in the 17 to 44 age bracket, with males aged between 25 and 34 coming out as the demographic with the highest degree of interest in UHD.

IHS also found a positive correlation between interest in consuming UHD content and owning a connected video device like a streaming media player or gaming console. Owners of UHD-capable devices like Apple TV 4K, Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro were also found to use their main TV set for the majority of their consumption.