Outsight, the First Laser in the World that Protects the Crowds

During the SPIE Photonics West Show at the 12th Prism Awards ceremony held in early February in San Francisco the French company Outsight won an award for its 3D Semantic Camera technology. The award was given by world specialists in laser and photonics. Outsight also won several awards at CES 2020. Outsight’s innovation, a new SWIR Laser which is embedded in a single autonomous and intelligent device, revolutionizes the ability of machines to perceive their environment, in real-time for a safer world.

Integrating artificial intelligence processing, which is more agile than machine learning, while preserving private data, it is therefore able to remotely analyse the key composition of materials. It gives vehicles and robots new intelligence that leads to better decision making in perceiving the environment.

The announcement at the 12th PRISM Awards ceremony in San Francisco

Thanks to its unique SWIR Laser Outsight’s 3D Semantic Camera was awarded the prestigious Prism Awards in the “Transport category”. It is the first time that such a young start-up has received this distinction which sets a new standard in the photonics and laser industry. After showcasing at Autosens and CES 2020 its 3D Semantic Camera, that sees better than humans, Outsight proves the success of its technology which gives superpowers to vehicles / robots, allowing them to perceive and interact instantly with their environment. Within Smart Cities, it also offers the operator of a public venue the ability to obtain data and analysis in real-time, while ensuring the respect of privacy.

outsignt laser 02

3D semantic camera Outsight auto version and Smart cities

For the first time, the same sensor offers a complete perception of the environment combined with the software techniques of treatment for their comprehension (Full Situation Awareness). This “all-in-one” solution simultaneously perceives and understands the environment from hundreds of meters with precision, including key elements of the chemical composition of objects (skin, cotton, ice, snow, plastic, metal, wood …). In particular, it can identify and follow moving elements.

Outsight’s Semantic 3D Camera is based on an Artificial Intelligence that does not require massive learning data such as Machine Learning solutions, which are therefore energy-saving and use only the strictly necessary bandwidth.

Outsight has already begun joint development programs with leading OEMs and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace and security markets. For instance, Outsight has already announced partnerships with the company Faurecia and with the leading aeronautical company Safran. At CES 2020, ADP also announced having chosen Outsight 3D for monitoring the flows at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. The company will gradually open this technology to other partners during the first quarter of 2020.

Cédric Hutchings, CEO and co-founder of Outsight, stated “This is the first time that such a young company is highlighted by the experts of the Prism Awards. This recognition by our peers proves that the Outsight 3D Semantic Camera is a breakthrough that will help make the world safer.”

Designed to respect private data (Edge Privacy), this advanced computer system only communicates the anonymous results of the data which is locally processed. This breakthrough technology allows the information gathered by multiple Outsight sensors to be combined. Outsight offers the “dense grid” that is required by precise data with a real-time processing of information in large installations such as airports, stations and shopping centers. Therefore, the data is combined to offer a global 3D perception of the environment (Shadowless perception).

Outsight has managed to develop a new standard for real-time 3D perception. This laser technology embedded in a single autonomous and intelligent device is highly anticipated by the market. It addresses the increasingly complex efficiency and security needs“, said Raul Bravo, President and co-founder of Outsight.

Integrated in a vehicle, the Semantic 3D Camera also provides important information on the condition of the tracks and can, for example, identify ice, make out the difference between snow and ice or spot other dangerous conditions which are the cause of thousands of fatal accidents each year.

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About Outsight

Outsight develops, a 3D Semantic Camera, a revolutionary kind of sensor that brings Full Situation Awareness to Smart Machines. This sensor combines software and hardware to create sensor innovations such as remote material identification with comprehensive real-time 3D data processing. This technology provides an unprecedented and cost-efficient ability for systems to perceive, understand and ultimately interact with their surroundings in real time.

Outsight believes in making a smarter and safer world by empowering cars, drones, and robots with the superhuman capabilities provided by their 3D Semantic Camera. Their international team of scientists and engineers operates out of Paris, Helsinki and San Francisco.

About the founders of Outsight

Outsight’s founders, Raul Bravo (cofounder and CEP of the previous company Dibotics) and Cédric Hutching (cofounder of Withings and former VP of Nokia Technologies) joined to create Outsight, an entity that combines the software assets of Dibotics with a new and revolutionary 3D sensor technology. Working with Dibotics cofounder Oliver Garcia and Lasarsec founder Scott Buchter, the four entrepreneurs assembled an international team of engineers and eminent scientists in Paris, San Francisco and Helsinki to make their vision become true.