New High-Power UV Laser for High-Volume Cutting of Stacked OLED Displays and Wafers

Coherent has unveiled its latest product, the Monaco 345-25-50. This new ultraviolet (UV) femtosecond laser stands out due to its 50 W output power capacity, making it well-suited for high-speed, high-volume cutting operations, particularly in the wafer and stacked OLED display industry.

Source: Coherent

The emergence of new applications like wafer grooving and precision cutting for advanced IT and mobile devices has led to an increased demand for high-power lasers. These tools need to deliver speed and precision to cater to such applications. The Monaco 345-25-50 is the first of its kind machine with 50 W 400 fs UV laser capability. This technology ensures precision cutting at very high volumes, enhancing the efficiency of assembly processes.

FeatureMonaco 345-25-50Monaco 1035-150-150
WavelengthUltraviolet (UV)Infrared
Output Power50 W150 W
ApplicationHigh-speed, high-volume cutting of wafers and stacked OLED displaysCutting of large OLED display glass
Pulse EnergyUp to 25 µJUp to 150 µJ
Repetition RateUp to 2 MHz1 MHz
Pulse WidthBelow 400 fsBelow 400 fs
SpecialtyFirst 50 W 400 fs UV laser with 24/7 industrial-grade performanceSmallest femtosecond laser of its kind with double the power and pulse energy of existing configurations
Notable FunctionalityPulse-on-demand, variable pulse width tuning, variable repetition rate, flexible seeder burst modePulse-on-demand, variable pulse width tuning, variable repetition rate, seeder burst mode
Ideal ForHigh-precision cutting in very high volumesHigh-precision cutting of large glass panels in very high volumes
Size & DesignCompact, single-box designCompact, single-box design
Material Cutting CapabilitiesWide range of wafer materials including silicon carbide wafersOLED display glass, sapphire, complex-coated brittle materials with thicknesses up to 2 mm

The Monaco 345-25-50 distinguishes itself with features like pulse-on-demand, variable pulse width tuning, variable repetition rate, and a flexible seeder burst mode. Moreover, it delivers pulses with energy levels up to 25 µJ at repetition rates up to 2 MHz in the UV spectrum, and has a pulse width of less than 400 fs. The new laser’s compact, single-box design makes it simple to integrate into existing tool sets. It complements Coherent’s Monaco product line of infrared and green lasers including the recently relaesed Monaco 1035-150-150 listed above for comparison.