Optoma Has Small New DLP LED Projector

Optoma has a new ultra-compact LED-based DLP projector, the ML330, that has 1280 x 800 resolution and has “LED brightness of 500”. Optoma describes this brightness as “*The quoted LED brightness rating is based on the perceived equivalent ANSI lumen brightness when compared to a standard lamp projector. The LED brightness rating takes into account the Helmholtz–Kohlrausch (HK) effect on the perceived brightness of colours”. Contrast is quoted at 20,000:1.

The throw ratio is 1.2:1 and the lens is fixed with images up to 120″ supported. Inputs include HDMI & MHL, and there is a MicroSD slot and a 2W speaker. The projector has an integrated SoC for support of Android 4.4, so the unit can support streaming of content directly over Wi-Fi. 3D operation is supported. Power consumption is 26W and weight is 0.46kg.

Analyst Comment

This looks like a good product, but I really dislike this use of ‘LED brightness’. Although the HK is an undoubted effect, it would be better to quote both the ANSI lumens and this measurement, or to develop a new metric, within the IDMS, to highlight this issue. QD Vision, the defunct QD maker, raised the idea of ‘ColorNits’ at the Display Summit last year, but although some at the event liked the idea I heard it heavily criticised by colour specialists who pointed out the amount of work done on the candela (nit) to ensure it takes into account the human factors. (DS18 QD Vision Proposes ColorNits) (BR)