ONR Demonstrated Augmented Reality System for Training Purposes

Augmented reality headsets are typically being measured by being compared with the Google Glass device. The issue of what augmented reality can be used for is still ongoing and recent press releases favor corporate applications over consumer use. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has shown its augmented reality solution developed for the Augmented Immersive Team Training (AITT) program.

The program aims to create a training platform for the various military branches to work together. Military training is always limited by the limits of training facilities and its options. Adding augmented reality allows the soldiers to not only experience new situations but also provide realistic virtual elements (e.g. weapons effects to include mortar, artillery, fixed and rotary wing aircraft), and targets (e.g. enemy personnel, tanks, or buildings) all combined with the real world scene of the surroundings. This allows the military to broaden the soldiers’ training substantially.

The system is still under development but it is planned to field this technology in 2015. – Norbert Hildebrand