Oledon Reveals New Solution for Improving OLED Yield Rate

Korea’s Oledon has recently developed vertical-plane evaporation source deposition technology capable of mass-producing OLED TVs of 77″ or larger, using ultra-large substrates of up to 12G (3300 × 4000mm).

A company representative explained that manufacturing TVs of more than 75″ using the conventional in-line evaporation process can be subject to significant drops in yield rate due to a variety of factors and that Oledon’s alternative solution could provide better results.

Last year, Oledon confirmed it had successful developed a shadow mask process which allowed the manufacture of AMOLED panels with a resolution of 2,250 ppi, with a view to developing the technology further to achieve 3,300 ppi.

Analyst Comment

Changing to a vertical orientation eliminates the problem of sag that is seen when substrates get very large. (BR)