Oculus Quest Standalone VR Headset Coming Spring 2019

At the Oculus Connect 5 conference, which took place in California, United States earlier this week, Oculus Santa Cruz was formally announced under its official name, Oculus Quest. The new standalone VR headset will launch in spring 2019, priced at $399.

Oculus Quest uses the same Touch controllers as Oculus Rift, while four wide-angle sensors on the device enable 6DoF positional tracking without the need for any external sensors, said to support spaces of at least 370 m². It uses the same display technology as Oculus Go, with a resolution of 1600 × 1440 per eye, but features adjustable lens spacing in addition.

Oculus Quest is “made for games”, according to the company’s Hugo Barr, and will launch with 50 titles already available. During the announcement, the quality of the experience was compared to the company’s Oculus Rift headset.