Notre Dame Adds Many LED Displays

ANC of the US has done a lot of work at the University of Notre Dame to install a vide display at the Notre Dame Stadium. The main display is claimed to be the largest in college football and has a 10mm pitch. It measures 95.54′ (29m) x 54.07′ (16.5m) and has more than 4.7m pixels. There are also a number of other displays:

  • Two sideline 16mm SMD LED ribbons, each measuring 3.78’ high by 393.07’ wide.
  • One 2.5mm LED display in the North Side Schivarelli Lounge measuring 6.30’ high by 11.02 wide.
  • One 2.5mm LED display in the North Side Locker Room measuring 7.87’ high by 14.17’ wide.
  • One 1.9mm LED display in the North Side Interview Room measuring 6.30’ high by 11.02’ wide.
  • One 1.875mm LED display in the Rex and Alice A Martin Media Center measuring 7.8’ high by 12.6’ wide.
  • One 2.5mm LED display in the Duncan Student Center measuring 11.02’ high by 22.05’ wide.

All the displays were from Mitsubishi’s XL Series with RealBlack technology and the displays are synchronised using software from ANC.

Notre dame

Audio warning – features bagpipes!

Analyst Comment

The range of different LED displays used is impressive and is a pointer to the future of digital signage, it seems to me. (BR)