Notebook Brands and ODMs Saw Month-on-Month Shipment Growth in August

According to Digitimes, the top-five global notebook vendors saw combined shipment growth of 11% month-on-month in August. On the flip-side, this was actually weaker month-on-month growth compared to August 2017, and it also represented a 4% decline year-on-year, the first year-on-year drop seen in five months.

The top three ODMs saw combined shipment growth of approximately 10%. Individually, Quanta Computer’s shipments jumped up 20%, and the company retook its position as market leader from Compal Electronics, thanks to what Digitimes calls “dramatic growth” in orders from clients in Taiwan and the US.

As far as the brands go, Lenovo’s month-on-month shipment growth came in below 10%, as the company continues to suffer the effects of the ongoing US-China trade dispute and a drop in demand for notebooks in China. Dell’s shipments also dropped from those seen in July, following the fulfilment of its Chromebook orders.

Meanwhile, HP’s shipments grew by over 20%, but even this mirrored the overall state of the market, representing a drop of 6% year-on-year. Digitimes attributes August’s results to companies releasing new products and preparing inventory going into the second half of 2018.