‘No 4k Games on PS4.5’ Says Source

A source speaking to Edge Magazine has said that the Playstation Neo (Rumour Claims ‘PS4.5’ Will Run Games at UHD) will be capable of running UltraHD games – but developers will not be able to supply them ‘for years’.

The magazine’s source is a senior creative at an unnamed ‘major’ development studio. S/he said, “I’m not sure many teams will either want to deliver, or able to deliver 4K. We all know what 4K did to movies – it made actors look older than we thought they were, and everything else had so much detail it simply lost all believability. I see this adding time and frustration to art pipelines all over the world.”

Continuing, the source said that “massive graphical improvements” will not arrive for “about three years, when everyone has really caught up.”

A separate source in the same article said that the Playstation Neo only exists because the PS VR headset was going to be “truly awful” on original Playstation 4 consoles (although reviews from trade shows, where launch PS4s are presumably being used, have been favourable – TA). This source was described as a CTO working in the industry.

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