NHK Achieves 98% of Rec.2020

Japan’s NHK showed a 50″ LCD display with a laser backlight and ‘very wide’ colour gamut at its Open House event last month, says the Nikkei.

According to NHK’s Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL), the display ‘has the widest colour gamut in the world at this point’: 98% of Rec.2020.

Left: BT.2020 coverage. Right: BT.709 coverage. Credit: Nikkei.The display was developed specifically to realise the BT.2020 gamut, which NHK was involved in formulating. Today’s displays are incapable of covering 100% of the colour space, and only lasers can approach full coverage.

NHK used laser diodes emitting red, green and blue light as the backlight of the display. The main differences between the unit and a display using today’s Rec.709 gamut were in the green and blue colours, said STRL.