News Outlets in the US Point at AR Glasses from Apple


A whole range of news outlets (Bloomberg, CNBC, USA Today, The Verge among others) reported on the possibility that Apple is intensifying its work on augmented reality glasses and plan to release a AR device in the future.

The report seems to be going back to the Bloomberg article that quotes “people familiar with the matter”. The people do not want to be named as they report on a secret project at Apple. There are also contacts with suppliers but not on a level that would hint at a immediate release. Other articles include Tim Cook’s interview a few weeks back as a hint at the interest of Apple in AR over VR. Some also hint at the pressure on Apple to come out with a new product even if Google failed with its Google Glass introduction. Some mention the desire of Apple to introduce iPhone-based devices similar to the Apple watch to prolong the successful market position of the iPhone.

Analyst Comment

All in all, there is some insider info, mixed with a lot of interpretation and imagination in these articles. The more interesting part is the widespread appearance of this news in mainstream media rather then the typical tech blogs. In addition none of the articles goes into any technical details or potential benefits for the user. It is, rather, seen as a way to improve the financial position of Apple. Since the Google Glass endeavour failed based on consumer reservations and high prices, it might be interesting to define what has changed since then.

One significant change is the appearance of AR-based games like Pokemon GO, that have created a broader understanding in the public of what AR actually is. At the same time I would also accept the theory that this news was ‘leaked’ on purpose to counteract the negative Apple stock development after the poor quarterly results and the drop of the tech stocks after the US election. Even if we take all the reports as correct statements, they just say that Apple is working on AR glasses and has contact with component manufacturers. I would see that as a given rather then insider info. (NH)