New LED at T5 is Heathrow’s Largest

8 Outdoor of the UK has launched a new LED display at Terminal 5 of London’s Heathrow airport which the company claims is both the largest exterior digital display at the airport and engages an audience of frequent flyers and C-suite executives arriving into the UK. Jaguar Land Rover is the first advertiser.

The firm told us that the LEDs are 10mm pitch, with the SMDs being NationStar 2727 on 400 x 400 modules made to specs for SIS Digital of the UK, who also supplied the Link88 control system. The modules are rated to IP66 and the display is made from 44 x 12 panels.

Land Rover 8 T5 900x600The new display at Heathrow’s T5 is said to be the largest digital outdoor display at the airport. Image: 8 Outdoor