Neptune Expands ‘Duo’ Concept to Multiple Devices

We covered the Neptune Duo handheld display/smartwatch concept last month (Neptune Reverses Watch/Phone Paradigm), and the project has now reached Indiegogo – with a few changes. The Neptune Suite adds another peripheral: a 10″ tablet-like device with a keyboard, as well as a dongle to stream to a TV. The Neptune Hub (watch) will last for two days on a charge, and the ‘phone’ and ‘tablet’ peripherals have their own batteries that can transfer energy to the watch. Wireless streaming is via WiGig, with speeds up to 7Gbps. The Neptune Hub runs Android 5.0, with 3G/4G and a quad-core processor. The price on Indiegogo is $600, and it will cost $900 at retail. Availability will be late 2015 or early 2016.

The Neptune Suite consists of phone- and tablet-size peripherals; a keyboard with touchpad; headset; TV dongle; and the smartwatch ‘brains’