Neptune Reverses Watch/Phone Paradigm

Start-up Neptune has an interesting take on the smartphone/smartwatch combination, with its new product(s): the Neptune Duo.

The Neptune Duo consists of two devices: the Neptune Hub (a smartwatch) and Neptune Pocket (a phone-style screen). Unlike most of today’s smartwatches, which are designed to complement a smartphone, the Pocket is an accessory to the Hub.

Neptune Hub is the device containing all the processing power, running Android Lollipop on a quad-core processor. It also has Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 4G and NFC connectivity, as well as a display – although as it is still under development, full specifications were not available.

Meanwhile, the Neptune Pocket is really just a screen and a battery, serving as an interface device – much like a mouse and keyboard on a PC. It can be used to browse the web or write emails, for example. The Pocket also has a larger (2,800mAh) battery than the Hub (1,000mAh), and can recharge the wrist-worn device.

Neptune believes that putting the ‘smarts’ on your wrist will increase security – stealing the Pocket won’t get thieves any personal data. The devices will be launched later this year, for $400

Analyst Comment

While an interesting idea, adding another point of failure to the mobile experience – which already has to deal with crashing apps and short battery life – in the form of a necessary wireless connection seems like it’s asking for trouble. Also, haven’t thieves been stealing watches for much longer than they’ve been taking mobiles? (TA)