NEC Unveils HiperSource Browser for Stunning Visuals at Scale

NEC Display Solutions Europe announces a major performance upgrade to its range of video walls that makes it even easier to manage content, following the release of HiperSource Browser.

NEC’s long-term partner Hiperwall recently released Hiperwall Version – the latest version of its flexible IP-based video wall content management system. The software incorporates Hiperwall’s new HiperSource Browser which makes it simple to publish web-based content onto large visual canvases such as video walls and direct view LED (dvLED) screens.

HiperSource Browser provides a direct connection between web content and the video wall, enabling administrators to bypass screen capture, bringing enhanced flexibility and greater control over content. At the same time, NEC customers can benefit from Hiperwall’s new licensing programme which can deliver cost effective flexibility.

The software provides better management for a range of display applications from advanced collaborative analysis on trading floors to control rooms where operators will benefit from the ability to bring in content from multiple sources for a spectacular viewing experience. Meanwhile, Hiperwall’s new HiperView LED add-on controls every pixel within an LED video wall, making it possible to crop the native LED controller resolution to the actual size of the visual canvas.

As a Hiperwall partner, the new capabilities are immediately available across a range of NEC products, including its direct view LED displays and its ten new video wall displays launched at ISE 2019.

“Large digital canvases are a game changer in a huge range of industries, but managing content layout from multiple sources efficiently can be a major challenge,” said Thorsten Wilm, Manager Software Solutions and Future Technologies at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “With HiperSource Browser, Hiperwall provides a powerful tool that makes life incredibly easy for operators, enabling them to pull video content from anywhere on the web and display it in the right size and resolution, while significantly lowering TCO.”

“The global video wall market is worth more than $4 billion and is set to grow at an average of 15 per cent each year over the next decade as more and more organisations seek to benefit from compelling, immersive visual experiences to captivate audiences,” continued Wilm.

“HiperSource Browser will be one of the key technologies powering this growth, by making video wall management even simpler and more intuitive – while also helping to lower the total cost of ownership.”

As well as enhanced functionality, Hiperwall now features a more flexible licensing programme that provides a more cost-effective upgrade path. A new application, HiperFailSafe software, and the repositioning of the controller software enables users to economically upgrade a single controller system to a fault tolerant system. New customers will have the option to buy Hiperwall licenses à la carte and get the optimum configuration for their needs.

“We are constantly improving Hiperwall software to make it easier and more secure for video wall designers and operators of all kinds – from control rooms to digital signage and from education to entertainment – to build and manage cost-effective video wall solutions,” said Tom Scott, CEO of Hiperwall, Inc.

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