NEC Launches Quietest-ever Projectors

NEC Display Solutions Europe launches two new laser projectors that are virtually silent, ensuring no noise disturbance during meetings and presentations at WXGA and WUXGA resolution.

The NEC P525 laser projectors provide stunning visual experience with none of the noise associated with traditional projection devices. The new projectors feature outstandingly low operating noise levels of just 22dB, making them quieter than the ticking of a watch.

As well as being near-noiseless, the P525 laser projectors are fully future-proofed, with 4K@30Hz input processing for pin-sharp resolutions and up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation thanks to its laser light source. Furthermore, the optical laser LCD engine is completely sealed, meaning there is no need to change bulbs or filters over the projectors’ lifetime, ensuring reliably brilliant colour brightness without servicing costs.

NEC’s latest projectors provide comprehensive connectivity and optional WiFi for the utmost flexibility and time-saving operation, while the embedded MultiPresenter function enables wireless presentation and screen-sharing for up to 16 devices simultaneously. The new laser projectors work straight out-of-the-box, with no set-up necessary; meanwhile, because the device falls under Risk Group 2 it requires no safety precautions, saving on installation and operation costs.

Users will also benefit from the low power consumption of just 330W in normal mode, saving money and lowering the organisation’s carbon footprint.

“Our new P525WL and P525UL projectors set new standards for quietness in meetings and presentations,” said Alistair Round, Product Manager Commercial Display Solutions at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “Presentations might be all about the visuals, but we can’t shut off our senses at will – especially our hearing. Noise from traditional projectors is intrusive and distracts attendees from the content up on the screen. This hurts our concentration, harms collaboration, and forces people to raise their voice.”

“People should be able to focus on presentations, video and other content without being distracted by noise from the projector, which is why we designed these two 5000 ANSI lumen projectors to be virtually noiseless. As a manufacturer of world-leading display technology we don’t just think visually, but consider how we can improve the whole experience for everyone.”

“NEC’s new projectors are a great example of this approach, bringing a sense of calm to the meeting space and enabling teams to share ideas and collaborate more effectively. With the P525WL and P525UL, scalable visualisation has never looked so good, or sounded so silent,” Alistair concluded.

The new NEC P525UL projector will be available in December 2018, while P525WL will be launched in March 2019. For a demonstration or a briefing, or to request a device for review, please contact the NEC press office.

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