NEC Collaborates on Retail Solutions

10 squared NECNEC was at the event sharing a booth with a company called 10 Squared, which provides fully customised display casings and enclosures and also Pixel Inspiration which develops retail applications, typically using Scala software. Demonstration monitors included a high brightness monitor and a video wall but the products were not new, as we were up to date from ISE.

We had a look at a new design that has been developed by 10 Squared for a Japanese restaurant called itsu. We heard that the application for Itsu had been developed very quickly and had been installed in 50 or 60 restaurants.

The company was showing 3 monitors running an application from Lloyds retail bank which used Pixel Inspector software to give control of the content on the screens from the mobile devices. A similar application has been developed for the Italian restaurant chain in the UK, Carluccio’s.

Our picture on the right shows an NEC display put into a custom casing for Itsu, by 10 Squared.

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