NDI Sets Out to Become the Universal Technology for Video Connectivity

NDI, a fast-growing connectivity tech company, has announced plans to scale its NDI protocol as the IP standard that connects all devices and software used to create, share, collaborate, and consume video in any industry. The company is expanding its ecosystem while maintaining seamless interoperability across all products, platforms, and industries. NDI technology is supported by over six hundred thousand devices, from companies like Panasonic, Sony, and BirdDog.

NDI Advanced, the company’s most complete offering, provides access to the most efficient NDI format, HX3, which uses H.264 and HEVC codecs to ensure the transmission of pristine, visually lossless video using just 50MBs of bandwidth. Additionally, the company is introducing two new certification programs: NDI Certified, for products integrating features of NDI Advanced, and Works with NDI, for devices that want to guarantee full compatibility with the NDI ecosystem.

NDI also plans to build on the engagement with its loyal community of users, which it considers the key driver of growth. The company will organize community initiatives throughout the year, including the first-ever NDI Hackathon, and an NDI Beta program, where selected community members will gain early hands-on access to updates to the core technology. NDI will display its new business vision and brand identity at NAB 2023, and the company’s connectivity technology will also be featured by more than 70 partners, licensees, and adopters at the Las Vegas Convention Center.