NComputing Launches Chromebook CX110 and Chrome app

Today NComputing launches the , giving U.S. schools the ability to easily run Windows applications on their Chromebooks. More than half of all computers used in U.S. K-12 schools are Chromebooks, and now NComputing Chromebooks – with the vSpace client – provides easy, multi-user access to the Windows, Java or Silverlight applications often necessary for learning and testing applications.

vSpace software benefits schools by providing a centrally managed, reliable and scalable solution that delivers as many as one hundred individual Windows desktops from a single computer. This creates a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution for schools who can now use a single Chromebook device to access all their ChromeOS and Windows applications.

The more than one million students in U.S. schools already using vSpace can now use the NComputing Chromebook CX110 with their vSpace solution. This allows teachers and students to take advantage of both ChromeOS and a Windows environment on one device. Students gain access to a greater range of educational content, while teachers have more freedom to use all of their favorite learning applications for lesson plans.

Jim Rieflin, Supervisor of Technology and Data Management at Salem School, Virginia, comments, “The Chromebook is our primary computing platform for our students. But sometimes our students need to use a program which is only available on the Windows platform. We are investigating how vSpace, from NComputing, will allow our students to access applications and content that are not normally accessible from a Chromebook. We even have staff that prefer to use the Chromebook instead of a full Windows laptop because of its simplicity and mobility, and with the ability to access a few important Windows applications so they can have the best of both worlds”.

Key features of the NComputing Chromebook CX110 with vSpace include:

  • Premium 11.6″ IPS LCD panel – to provide the best Chromebook viewing experience for students in the classroom. No more strained eyes trying to read washed out displays or differentiate colors and features on an inferior display
  • Quick to start – Takes less than 10 seconds to go from off to full-speed enabling students to be immediately productive
  • Ease of use – Affordable and easy to manage
  • Safe and secure – Built-in security helps keep students safe from viruses, malware and other computer “nasties”
  • Battery life – High-performance quad-core CPU with long battery life that lasts up to 8.5 hours depends on actual usage
  • Always updating – Unlike a traditional computer, it won’t slow down over time – updates are automatic and maintenance is easy
  • vSpace Client for Chromebook – a Chrome app that can be installed from the Chrome Web Store, which gives users access to a virtualized Windows desktop and comes with a one-year free license to vSpace virtualization software (MSRP: $50)
  • Managed Windows desktops – with vSpace software, students and teachers gain access to centrally managed Windows desktops while realizing the benefits of Chromebook as a platform for all your students computing needs. IT departments benefit from better utilization of IT resources
  • Full Windows desktop experience – with vSpace software, a virtual desktop solution, a true Windows PC-like experience is delivered to students and teachers in the classroom
  • “Sandboxed” kiosk mode – prevents students exiting testing applications, so students will no longer be able to search the internet to find answers during tests
  • Premium Education content – Free one-year subscription to with access to over 6,000 HD video lessons in Math, Science, English and AP subjects plus ACT prep (MSRP: $179)

Young Song, NComputing CEO, explains: “Our U.S. customers have been demanding we provide a solution that enables them to run Windows on their Chromebooks. The NComputing Chromebook CX110, together with our vSpace Client for Chromebook, means we can now deliver a Windows PC–like experience on your Chromebook – and help millions of students and teachers have a better classroom experience”.

The NComputing Chromebook CX110 is available for the North American education market through authorized NComputing resellers with an MSRP of $229, including a one-year subscription to vSpace Client for Chromebook and

NComputing will begin accepting pre-orders on May 12 with product availability in June.

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