Nanosys Patent Covers MicroLED/QDEF Efficiency Boost

A hat tip to DSCC who spotted that Nanosys has a patent application US 2018/0287025 A1 that was filed on March 25, 2018 and covers a revised structure for displays using quantum dot enhancement films (QDEF) for notebooks and smaller devices.

The aim of the structure is to boost the output of displays using microLEDs by sitting between blue microLEDs and the QDEF layer to reflect the red and green light emitted from the bottom of the QDEF. The structure, called a ‘beam splitter’ in the patent, consists of between 50 and 500 layers that are each between 50nm and 100nm. A variety of materials can be used for the layers.

DSCC is holding an event next month and Nanosys CEO, Jason Hartlove will be speaking and may give more information on the concept.

The Nanosys patent shows a structure with (202) the beam splitter (left) and without (right)